Kolkata Eats

Masala Egg Scramble at Flury's

So, my sister was in town last weekend visiting from the Big Apple.  I had grand plans to try my hand at a Bengali shrimp coconut milk curry (chingri maachher malaikari) that I have been trying to get right for YEARS!  Seriously, Arjun’s grandmother made the most fabulous version of this dish that I’ve been trying…

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Cucumber Chutney Cream Cheese

Cucumnber Chutney Cream Cheese on Sourdough Toast

I’m guessing most of you are familiar with the the tea time stand by –  the cucumber sandwich.  Elegant and refreshing, a high tea service just isn’t complete without this tasty triangle.  But did you know that there is also a fabulous, Indian version of this sandwich?  Just like the original it has thinly sliced…

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Kolkata Bound


In just over a week, on the 26th of December, we are leaving for Kolkata.  Part of me feels slightly insane for attempting this trip with a four year old and one year old in tow.  The flights alone are a killer.  Fifteen hours direct to Dubai, and almost eight hour layover and then another…

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Rogan Josh


For my husband, Arjun, special occasions meant Rogan Josh.  This gentle, aromatic lamb or goat stew was one of his maternal grandmother, Didu’s specialties.  Whenever we would travel back to India, the first meal we would be served (usually right after getting home from the airport late, late at night) would include rogan josh along…

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