I’m a self-professed samosa junkie, professional story teller, and amateur food taster.   I started this blog for people like me, those who love Indian food but lack the know-how to make it.  My goal is to make it seamless and fun.

My inspiration for my posts comes from two places. My first source is my mother. I grew up eating her fabulous Indian cooking most days of week and love to recreate her dishes in my kitchen. She is a gifted, intuitive cook who measures nothing so it has taken me a lot of observation and time to get her recipes down to a science. Please keep that in mind when I share one of her culinary gems!

My second source of inspiration is my husband. His family is from Bengal and eats dishes that are delectable but were completely unknown to me until we met. We travel back to India to visit his family about once a year and usually also travel somewhere new within the subcontinent. On these trips I have been wowed by the breadth and variety of food in this lone country. Most of my favorite dishes could ever be found on your typical North Indian heavy restaurant menu. So if I want to eat them again, of course I have to try and make them myself – a challenge I am excited to document here.

Please feel free to contact me with thoughts, ideas, recipes, etc – shveta.berry@gmail.com

I also offer Indian cooking classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Email me for more details.