Re-Imagining the Lunch Box

Last weekend, my husband and I finally got a chance to rent The Lunchbox.   This can best be described as an art film from India.  The critics in the US have loved it.  Check out rotten tomatoes if you don’t believe me.  Personally, I totally dug the film.  First of all, there is SO much darn good-looking food in it!  And second, it is beautifully shot.  The took care to catch real scenes of Mumbai and I actually felt transported.  They didn’t try and pretty it up like most Bollywood films.  The city felt gritty and vibrant.

The premise of the movie is that two people start a relationship over a lunch tiffin that goes to the wrong recipient.  They start exchanging notes in the tiffin.  Very romantic in an oh-so-old fashioned way.  But of course the movie got me thinking about tiffins.  They are brilliant!  Why don’t I already own one?  We picnic on the weekend like it’s our job and a tiffin would make it so much easier to transport everything.  It stacks unlike most tupperware and steel is virtually unbreakable.  I did some hunting and found this one on Amazon.  As soon as I read it was dishwasher safe I was hooked.  It is on its way to me as we speak.  I will report back on how I like it.  Do any of you have tiffins – how do you like them?

I am imagining this will change our picnics for the better!

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