Rogan Josh


For my husband, Arjun, special occasions meant Rogan Josh.  This gentle, aromatic lamb or goat stew was one of his maternal grandmother, Didu’s specialties.  Whenever we would travel back to India, the first meal we would be served (usually right after getting home from the airport late, late at night) would include rogan josh along…

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Thanksgiving Favorites


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  There are no gifts to worry about and the point is really to get everyone around a table and eat some terribly good food – which is something I can really get behind!  Before I had kids, I used to look forward to all the cooking and relish the planning.  …

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Shami Kebabs


One of the first things I ever ate at my husband’s family’s home were these meltingly tender shami kebabs.  They are one of Arjun’s favorite foods and whenever we go visit his mother in Delhi, these are always served at the first meal we have at her home.  These circular kebabs are almost impossible to…

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Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage Sauce


When we lived in Atlanta, one of our favorite restaurants to visit was Osteria 832.  It was that classic, neighborhood Italian joint that served up fresh and affordable fare.  They were super family friendly and our son adored it.  The food was comforting more than earth-shatteringly good.  They did simple dishes well with good ingredients…

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Tandoori Ribs


  It is the start of summer and that means grilling season is upon us!  We had our first cook-out of the year last night.  Our sweet neighbors came over for a belated thank-you dinner for keeping an eye on our house while we were on a month long adventure in Paris and India.  I…

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