Aslam’s Rasoi

Since moving to slightly south of San Francisco 8 months ago, my husband and I have been searching for our go-to Indian place.  The restaurant we head to when that itch for desi food strikes and nothing but a spread that I would never have the time to make at home will do.  We have found two places that we find ourselves going back to again and again and I am going to cover one of them – Aslam’s Rasoi in the Mission district of the city.  Aslam’s is a little away from the super busy stretch on Valencia and looks pretty unassuming at first glance.

Do not be fooled – the best seekh kebabs in the city are to be found here.  If for nothing else, you should go there just to try them.  They are perfectly tender, beautifully spiced and come out on a sizzling platter for a dramatic presentation that leaves a trail of the most mouthwatering smell.  I dream of these kebabs and hope I am one day able to make them in my own kitchen.  But until then I will go to Aslam’s happily.
On our last meal there every dish we got was a slam dunk.  We tried the palak paneer – outstanding!  The paneer was super tender and then palak did not feel heavy – which often happens with this dish in restaurants.  We also had a special – the tandoori mahi-mahi which was just delectable.  They actual used a different marinade than the one typically used for chicken and it was so perfect for the fish.  It also came out on one of those ridiculously addictive sizzling platters.  They also have samosas that are quite good and a very generous size.

And the best part – in this food obsessed city you can actually usually score a table here on a weekend night without a reservation.   Thankfully it is still somewhat under the radar so as an added bonus to your delicious meal you will also feel smugly in-the-know while you dine which almost makes the food taste even better.

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